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The main themes of the Science Forum are
* Scientific Foundations
* Scientific Research on Transcendental Meditation
* Development of Consciousness through Transcendental Meditation
* Interdisciplinary Studies
* Vedic Studies
* Practical Initiatives
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THEMA: Introduction to the Science Forum TM

Introduction to the Science Forum TM 11 Jahre 9 Monate her #88

Transcendental Meditation is a highly effective mental technique for unfolding the creative potential of consciousness, to improve overall health and social behaviour, and thereby it contributes substantially to peace in the family nations.

There are many web-presentation on the profound benefits of Transcendental Meditation ranging from education, health, rehabilitation, crime prevention, to national and international security.

This forum aims at probing into the fundamental principles by discussing the available experimental and theoretical research on Transcendental Meditation and presenting connections to the ancient vedic science, the traditional science of consciousness, from which Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has derived this meditation.

Transcendental Meditation even so easy to learn and simple in its practice – as simple as any of the technique used in daily life – is also totally scientific because:

1. It is systematic,
2. It is not opposed to any method of scientific investigation,
3. It is universal in its application,
4. It is open to verification by personal experience,
5. The end result is found to be the same by everyone.

The uniqueness of Transcendental Meditation as scientific method is due to the fact, that Transcendental Meditation allows the conscious mind to identify itself with the Unified Field of all the laws of nature in the state of pure consciousness.

This scientific description of Transcendental Meditation should not be mixed up with the actual manner how Transcendental Meditation is practised or how the technique is taught. This great difference of theory and practise is valid for every kind of technique. E.g. the practical use of a TV-set is completely different from it`s theoretical description in terms of electromagnetism. The actual procedure of Transcendental Meditation is very simple and natural and can be easily practised by anyone, but the significance of this mental technique is very profound and far reaching.

Since 1955, when Transcendental Meditation has been made available again to the public, many thinkers, philosophers and scientists have probed into its principles. More than 700 research papers have been published till 2010.

One conclusion which can drawn from all the research findings is, that Transcendental Meditation is the subjective realisation of the basic principles of quantum mechanics, discovered in the 20th century objectively in field of matter. The principles of quantum mechanics express the fact that the observer, the subject, cannot be separated from the object of observation. By comparing
as has been done at Maharishi European Research University, founded 1975, the theoretical and practical scope of the Transcendental Meditation Programme can be related to the successful unification of the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified field by supergravity theory.

The main conclusions drawn from the comparison of Transcendental Meditation with the unification of all the laws of nature are:
o The Unified Field of all the laws of nature has the properties of complete self-sufficiency (autonomy), invincibility and infinite self-referral (self-interaction)
o The quality of self-referral identifies the unified state of natural law as the field of consciousness.
o From this it follows that human consciousness in its self-referral state is the unified field of natural law.
o Therefore the fundamental discoveries of the objective approach of modern science can be directly verified through the subjective approach of Transcendental Meditation.

This realization presents the possibility for everyone`s life to be lived in perfect accord with natural law, and opens mastery of natural law to all mankind, which in turn gives the opportunity to create an ideal society, a problem-free administration, and bring cultural integrity, self-sufficiency, and invincibility to every nation.

These are in short the main themes presented and discussed in detail by the Science Forum The publications of Maharishi European Research University are used as main references supplemented by findings from both modern and vedic science.
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Aw: Introduction to the Science Forum TM 11 Jahre 7 Monate her #125

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<img></img>I am am excited too with this question. Tell to me, please - where I can find more information on this question?

Dear scientist,
I am aware that this short introduction to the forum may sound unbelievable and provocative but understatements as a means of compromise would not fit either, because the topic is a reality which is transcendental, infinite, unbounded, self-interacting, a field of all possibilities.

But I feel inspired by your remark to go deeper in all this natural aspekts of humen potential accessible through Transcendental Meditation.

Your moderator
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TBMKVXktDsYHze 11 Jahre 6 Monate her #140

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eCxo2h this is delisious!
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